We, at Jonathan Solomon realty, know how much work and effort you put in every deal. We believe realtors should enjoy the profit of their hard work. That is why realtors at Jonathan Solomon realty get 100% of their commission in every deal. That’s right – you get to keep 100% of YOUR hard earned commission.

We know how hard you work for your commission. Being a realtor is not easy, especially at this time. Clients demand more and more. You have to get the lowest price for your buyers or the highest for your sellers, the market is tough and the competition and furious. Our firm was built by realtors for realtors, so with us – you are your own boss!

We do not make this kind of offer to anyone, that is why we hand pick each and every one of our realtors and make sure we only work with the best and most professionals realtors in the business.

So, if you looking to increase your income and grow as a professional realtor – you belong with us! We invite you to join our selective team of realtors.

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